One by one


what you need comes

as it should

when it ought

it comes because

in the stillness of your quietude

your soul SCREAMS

it’s needs

it’s desires

and awakens, one by one

the cells of hope, lessons, teachings, healing, adjustments, cleansings

and one by one

by one by one

makes two by two

by four by more

and what you need comes…

rainbow over ocean

comes cloaked in forms

you may choose to shy

away from

diverted eyes mirroring shame or guilt

comes seeping in through inner crevices

assumed sealed

with an insistent stillness resisting

your flight

comes totally naked and unconcerned, raw and unimpressed

for appearances matter not

when needs acquiesce

to your soul’s demands.


The Sun


It’s useless to fight

against the warmth of the sun.

No good can come of it!

Instead, stretch out and surrender,

fling wide your arms in open embrace,

arch your head back and welcome the loving assault of heat.

Feel the sun convince you

that life is nothing without it;

hang your head down

soak in caresses at the back of your neck.

And as the last drop of tension melts through your toes,

know that release, renewal, rebirth were ever only yours

through the warmth of the sun.





© 2016

365 Days of Laugh, Learn, Love… LIVE!!! Hello Nostalgia, we meet again!

antigua observer

Just finished listening to Antigua Observer news online. Been making a point to catch the 5:30pm edition every day, not so much to stay on top of the news but to hear the last part of it – the weather report. There’s something drawing me to it, and, truth be told, I don’t even care much for the weather report itself. My need is more to hear the flow of it… the theme song at the beginning, the introduction and the “brought to you by…” part, the monotone presenter’s reading of the report complete with barometric pressure (that I swear is never anything other than “above normal”). Continue reading “365 Days of Laugh, Learn, Love… LIVE!!! Hello Nostalgia, we meet again!”



I heard a scream that made my heart stop! The type of scream that tells you something is very, very wrong. The scream of heart-wrenching pain. Of death. I was quietly reading when I heart it; sitting in the corner of the bamboo couch closest to the window that overlooks the front of the house and the neighbours’ properties across the street. It was a still morning, peaceful, with only the song of routine life’s rhythms playing in the background: roosters crowing, dogs barking here and there, the vroooom of a distant car, even the faint sounds of workmen hammering at some unseen worksite. A light, gentle breeze blew through the open window that overlooks the front of the house and the neighbours’ properties. This is my morning spot! With a book (or newspaper) and tea (or water) I pass the morning hours in quiet leisure. Continue reading “SCREAM”

Fungee and saltfish

Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda

Daydreaming on that scar Anya seemed lost in another world. ‘What was she thinking?’ Amilcar wondered and couldn’t dissipate that now too familiar, sinking feeling that no matter how long he knew this addiction of a woman, he would never fully understand her. She sat there, alone with her thoughts, fingering that inch long scar above her left knee. “Helloooo, earth to Anya! Come in, Anya!’. He chuckled as she returned to the present with a smile. “You’ll have to take me on your space journey next time. I’m almost jealous.”, he teased. “Seriously though, you haven’t answered my question… how did you get that scar?” The scar attracted his attention only briefly and his first enquiry was more off-handed, half interested, but given Anya’s almost instant movement to another time, another space, his curiosity piqued to fully. Continue reading “Fungee and saltfish”