Sometimes you just have to…

Let it go

Walk away

Release it all

Forego turning the other cheek

Refuse to sacrifice yourself on the alter of someone else’s ego

Not be “the one”… who is always there, always reliable, always waiting to fulfill the need

Follow the voice in your heart

Not give a shit about the outcome

Say “no” with a full-stop after and not a comma

Take a sick day if your boss makes your sick

Hug up your loves a little longer, a little more

Be the recluse who prioritizes recharging her internal energy source over the cackle of the latest “news”

Hear the behind-the-back whispers without a care in the world

Jump in feet first

Step out on faith, on instinct, on that never-wrong gut

Allow relationships to die of natural causes

Smile the light radiating within even in the darkness of sour, mash-up faces

Not answer the phone

Not make excuses for why you didn’t do as someone wanted/expected/commanded/demanded

Free yourself to “do you”

Let the sun sear sweetest kisses on parts of your body rarely shown

Feel no need for sorrys for speaking the truth in your soul or mind

Share the overflow of your heart with the one whose heart is empty

Love up on yourself more than usual

Say “I love you!” if that’ truly how you feel

Be honest… with you

Purge the negative from your being

Touch the elements and give thanks

Float on the sea or ocean

Gaze at the stars instead of the TV

Talk to a ladybug

Sleep longer

Say “yes” to your dreams

Remember your childhood

Fear less

Raise a glass in toast to the lessons learned

Step aside to allow fair-weather friends to find the exit door of your life

Challenge the beliefs you’ve always had but never understood

Unpack that nagging feeling that won’t go away

Clean your house

Clear your heart

Allow your dreams to wake with you









© October 9, 2016


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