365 Days To Laugh, Learn, Love… LIVE!!! ~ Speak!


Speak truth!!

Speak your truth!!!

Aisha poetry night speaking

Don’t be afraid to share the wisdom of the ages that whispers to your soul. Speak it! Don’t believe the lie that it need not be said or someone else has said it, basically, already, or so-and-so can say it better, more eloquently or passionately, than you. Speak the truth that comes to your soul, because it doesn’t belong to you…not to you alone… because there may be ones who need your truth, coloured from YOUR words, from breath vocalized through YOUR lips, to caress their ears and hold counsel with their heart. And without you honouring the murmurings of your spirit, speaking truth to their path, their evolution to their best selves may halt… not out of growth’s necessity but out of fear’s triumph personified in your closed mouth.

So speak your truth, with kindness and respect… and that’s all.








© Aug 2016


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