He is

A father…

… acknowledges the honour bestowed on him by the Divine Ones

… is mindful of the life his ejaculation awakened

Septi ultrasound

… respects the one his child calls “mother”  (whether that’s easy to do or not), always aware that she’s given him a gift no other could.

daddy and Nisut

… is committed to the rearing of little hands and feet into powerfully productive minds

… is the one who always makes it a point to be present, with or without presents

… doesn’t recklessly dismantle the child’s belief in his power to make every cut or scrape, every bruised knee or ego all better with his hug.

Nisut's first impressions in Antigua

… is the first

Protector of innocence

Creator of giggles

Model of a disciplined life

Giant with the most comfortable shoulders

Example of what a husband looks like

Wrestling partner

Blueprint for manhood

  great grandpa Albertgrandpa Maurice

… is there, through early morning wakings, missing teeth, first bikes, and first loves

… will settle your crumbling world with the touch of his hand

… protects at all costs, sacrifices whatever, whenever if necessary

… does his best, always, to nurture his seeds, whether seedlings or full bloom, with love.

uncle Eric, Kerine and Kzuri

A father is not replaceable and cannot be substituted for, even with the best of intentions from a single mother.

A father is the ultimate expression of manhood!


Nekia, Grandpa John, Grandma Clara




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