I walked along a winding path

one starry, full moon night

to a place I could not be certain of.

Why I walked isn’t clear to me anymore

nor is why you came

but with each precarious step

reason and logic subsided

as earth’s energy glided up my feet,

regenerating cells along the way;

aligning my will to be connected to the source of my everything.

windng path full moon

Not knowing where I was going, I’m surprised I knew when I arrived

but my stopping feet and now seeing eyes

unblocked my ears to your call

till, still and grounded, I heard you touch the hairs at my neck’s back;

saw you listen to my inhale exhaling your inhale;

tasted the comfort of your enveloping everywhere-ness;

your confirmation breezing through the air.

connect to source

You wanted total connection, which required loss of my power

yet so quiet your insistence,

so firm your “I won’t force you”,

fear melted through the wet of my armpits.

My lead now on pause,

eyes closed in expectation,

head blazed at your approach;

willfully, I breathed in the essence of you

as you stepped into your control.

vodun dancing

I watched like a spectator

as you took over this vehicle we shared;

seeing and knowing yet not commanding or guiding;

I was only a passenger here.

You turned left when I thought a right would come;

jumped high touching earth in a whirl.

So pervasive your presence,

so diminished my own

felt like I almost wasn’t there.


Until the moment you decided

this was enough or now.

Vehicle in park, we both very still

one breath in separation’s fight.

Slowly from one pant came two

as you whispered “its time to go”.

Reluctantly, I climbed back to the front seat

watching our disconnection increase.

Now I could see where I ended and you began

and could again find me in time and space.

I breathed in awe, exhaled my “akpe”

smiling, knowing, holding gratitude’s embrace.

© May 2016


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