I sat by the phone for hours

hoping today you’d call

desperately drawing on higher inner and outer powers

to confirm love lives here after all.


Well I waited and waited and waited

till sleep lullibied the day

and woke at dust to the ill-fated

knowing of things your voice didn’t say.


“It’s me, isn’t it?” says my mind in constant repeat

I’m too tall, too short, so fat, far too thin

insecure short-comings ring-a-rosy at my feet

and, seeing them there, I’m reminded that I’m too far gone to begin.


To love from a distance and make my peace with that

after tentative moments shared

we fooled me thrice thinking affection sat

between your perfect smile and words pretending that you cared.


What do I feel now reality has barged through on my door

with the truth of your non-love?

Do I scream? Do I cry? Do I crumple like a mess on the floor?

Or do I release you with sigh and fight more to rise above?


In years to come I’ll smile at this bullet dodge

for truth is you were never good for me, a rogue quite benighted

but today my solace lies in this second tub of dark chocolate fudge

sweetening thoughts of this love unrequited.

dying rose

© April 2016


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