The Cruelest Month

So friend and fellow blogger Chatti Natti is doing a poetry challenge based on daily prompts. I’ve been following her daily submissions (love em by the way) and was inspired to tackle one around the same time my little nephew fell asleep so time and intent conspired to give me opportunity. Sadly, that collaboration hasn’t happened again since.

Anyway, here’s my attempt at rising to the NaPoWriMo challenge for day 4 to the prompt “The Cruelest Month”. See details and Chatti Natti’s creation here ————–> (


The Cruelest Month


They say no month really differs

But this, I think, is untrue

Some months’ energies shift and shivers

Depraved cruelties some renew.


August, that month of heat

Intense and unrelenting

Awakens the mind of deadened defeat

To depravities never-ending.


Cussin, yelling, they name call

Minds doused in alcohol set to stew

Drunken, emboldened, cowards packed thick as a wall

Hunting victims anew.


With the devil’s vengeance for wrongs perceived or real

Their victims, trapped, beaten, tormented as brute

From highest trees swinging as breezy sail

In August, that cruel harvest for these strangest of southern fruit.




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