Letting go


Though he fought against them, hot tears leaped from his eyes, raining down his cheeks in chilled silence. He wanted to hate her…to hold on to the rage perfected over years of practice. He knew this day would come, eventually; had played it out a million times in his mind just before surrendering to sleep at night. Now that it was finally here, happening in real life, everything was wrong. He should be shouting now! Bursts of blood should be spurting from every wound his words carved in her mind. This isn’t the way it was supposed to happen! He felt his tears dry under her pained stare; felt more than heard her “I’m so sorry Arinze!” and fought to hold on to his anger. Yet with every heavy breath, every shakened second, he saw grief’s ephemeral self float lightly above his unspoken whisper and dissipate into the memories he carried with him for far too long. Pained and losing life now, his anger gasped for air as it disconnected from its host.



(From writing challenge: do a 5 minute free wrte with the phrase “anger suffers as grief withdraws” as your guide)




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