With RA at 12 o’clock



I LOVE the way you kissed me just now!

Intense and possessive.

Love the all-overness of you! The fire of your lips on my neck and shoulder and face… and back.

Your kisses claim me!

Consume me!

Revitalize every part of every inch of me!

Infuse me with your power! Ase!



I wonder, if I had come to you earlier would your kisses have been so insistent?

No. Had I come to you then, in the newness of the day, your kisses would have been all love but timidly shared, as if uncertain of reciprocity.

Your kisses would have been a light tease, mere promise of passion to come.



Yes, this time is the right time,
the best time for me and you,

To share openly what we never could behind closed doors

To love recklessly

And bask in the temporary thrill of forever.

winter ANU style


© 2016



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