365 Days of Laugh, Learn, Love… LIVE (baby, its cold outside. brrrr)!!!


I’m a sun baby! My mother birthed me in the tropical heat of Antigua. Her mothers before her birthed their daughters either in the always-hot climate of the Caribbean or the still-always-hot climate of various parts of Africa. The sun is in my blood, my bones. Every part of me craves its warmth and responds, positively, to its kisses. Even in the blazing heat of Kemet (Egypt) in the summer, when the temperature tops 100 degrees on a cool day, my body said “let’s do this!”… and meant it. I’m a sun baby!

One of the most challenging aspects of this chapter of my life has been adjusting to the Georgia climate. And before you, like so many here do, dismissingly say “it doesn’t get REALLY cold in Georgia” let me remind you that, for the last 6 years consistently, I experienced nothing but tropical springs, tropical summers, tropical autumns and, most importantly, tropical winters… with typical lows of 70 degrees. So when I say its been a challenge adjusting to the 40s, 30s, and 20s of Georgia its not to suggest that this is the coldest place on earth (Halifax, Nova Scotia was home for 3 years, trust me, I KNOW it can get colder than this). Its just to say that the climate here (the winter climate that is) is the buzz kill of buzz kills.

As I write, with two layers of clothes on, my husband’s sweat shirt wrapped round my neck like a scarf and a blanket tightly covering from tummy to toes, the temperature outside is 29 degrees. They say is feels like 25 degrees. Feels like? But eh, eh “feels like” is  the real thing, nuh true? WHY taunt me with one number (that was depressing enough) then fine print me with “feels like…”. Just drop it straight and tell me “e cowl a rass! Kip yuh nenen in di house!” (for those who may not fully appreciate Antiguan creole I’ll translate… somewhat) “Its awfully cold! You really should remain in the house!”.

29 blinking degrees! (and in fairness, that’s the low… the high is meant to be 41 degrees or some such ungodly number). Augusta, I’m not impressed! I know this is considered typical winter weather. I know we are and have been officially in the winter season. I know is me tek me fastness and move up here. I know my opinion doesn’t matter a lick to you. But, for the record, I’m not impressed!

Now excuse me while I inch closer to the little heat we have and add another blanket to the mix.

Laugh, Learn, Love… and by all means LIVE (warm and cozy)!!!

Feet by fireplace





3 thoughts on “365 Days of Laugh, Learn, Love… LIVE (baby, its cold outside. brrrr)!!!

  1. Girl! The cold is one thing, cold and wet? Now THAT’S miserable. That is my Winter here in Belfast…to be fair, it’s my Spring, Summer and Autumn too 😀 But it’s especially loathsome in the winter when it’s cold, wet and dark! I can’t wait for my next vacation and away from this incessant rain! Stay cozy! ❤


    1. Ugh! I find here when it rains (which I tend to really like) the temp is on the warmer side of cold… so I’ve come to associate rainy days with less cold and find myself willing rain to come lol.

      I can only imagine you in Belfast. Sigh.

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