365 Days of Laugh, Learn, Love… LIVE!!! This is not life!

How easy it is to release our power to the spirit numbing blah-ness of what passes for life in the western world. You’re born. You die. And in between there “society” expects you to believe that the sum total of your experiences should be 10 – 15 years of schooling followed by a couple decades of busting your butt, draining your life-force energy, pouring your talents into enriching someone else. Enriching bosses, managers, shareholders…. whoever. Just not you. And what’s the grand reward at the end? The honour of retiring (i.e you no longer have to bust your butt every day for that particular employer. And for your decades and decades of energy and self deprecation you’ll get a modest [stress modest] allowance called a pension. If you’re lucky, you’ll make your transition back to the spiritual realm before long and the period of not having enough money to maintain the lifestyle to which you’d grown accustomed will be short lived.

This is NOT life! Can’t be. But how did we get to here? Here, where this non-life perpetrating a fraud can be received with open arms and warm hug? When did we turn our backs on commitment to life fulfilled?… to life measured by experiences and memories; wealth counted in homes full of the patter of feet of all ages, laughter, connections of generations relating always to each other? When did we agree that the exhaustion of precious life-force energy pumped on another’s dream was the ideal way to pass the moments between life and death?

Life is to be lived! Abundantly lived! Lived in honour of the special you-ness that the entire universe adjusted to accommodate at your birth. Life is to be taken seriously! Life is to be laughed at and with! Life is to be spent being YOU… whoever that is, whatever that means! Life is to be embraced fearlessly! Life is to be a seemingly never ending series of confirmations that who you are, what you’ve brought to this existence is just what the world needs. Life is to be full!…so full that at that final moment, when the Creator comes for one last chat in this realm, with a smile and whisper of “its time”, there’ll be nothing left to do but smile back and say “I’m ready!”.


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