winter ANU style

has brought this soul a kaleidoscope of experiences to hear this peculiar roar of laughter, see these eyes squint in anger, feel these unique tears touch the earth, taste the spiced forever in every frustration, happiness, pain and joy.


has adjusted and tweaked and molded and chiseled the length and breath of me gave just the right combination of once-upon-a-times and unhappy endings shifted and expanded and conspired but always only for my ultimate good.


sometimes feels like walking through an unknown house in the dark but with unseen hands gently guiding away from that wall or shielding from this bump, almost unheard, just-in-time whispers of “stop!”, “wait”, “don’t go there”, or “now! go!!”.


gives reminders at every turn that, even in the loneliest of times, I’m never alone that I roll with a crew ten millions strong who not only have my back they have my front, sides, top and bottom too that, even in my dreams, I can still feel the comfort of laying on grandma’s lap.


is an abundance of blessings and moments of gratitude

is a never ending school and the lessons are many

is full to overflowing of reasons why I smile.



© 2015


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