Betty’s hope…


sugar mill

I died last night. So fast it took their confirmation for acceptance to spread out and fill all available space. I think the absence of the white light is what fooled me into thinking that I wasn’t dead, just floating in nothingness waiting to wake up. Talk about confusing! Why do those television shows always mention a white light?! If I ever live again I must remember not to pay so much attention to TV shows… and white lights. But anyway, the point is, I’m dead!

Well, almost. They say death was only the vehicle they used to bring me here; they say they can return me the same way. They say I’m here because they want to be heard but no one listens anymore. They say their shouts are only whispers to the living and they’re getting hoarse. I suppose I should be flattered that they think me useful enough to only temporarily kill but I don’t feel flattered; I feel confused, and scared. Then she touched me!

She, the most powerful; the one they all bow in respect to; the one brilliantly bronzed with eyes that stripped my soul. She smiled first, then she touched me. “Go back to your life, child”, she said, “but know you’ll never be the same! My consciousness is caressed into the memory of your soul; my experiences your own. Forgetting will never be an option… for you! Go back to your life, but feel us walking with you. Always.



© 2015


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