Why I write


I write to share the world I see unfolding, morphing, evolving before my eyes.

I write to give voice to the little people living in my head.

I write to unleash the too-heavy-for-me burdens life refuses to stop sending my way with a bow and card, signed “to me, from Life, with love”.

I write because crying sometimes isn’t an option my spirit will allow.

I write to stop my tears from flowing.

I write because I haven’t reconciled myself to the consequences of taking up a gun and putting it to good use.

I write because the feel of the words “I’m a writer” has a much better ring to it than the just-shoot-me-now energy that the words “I’m an Accountant” creates.

I write because the images of me on a chaise, lounging with book and pen, cool breeze caressing…inspiring… and steaming hot latte waiting patiently for my lips (even though I don’t drink lattes and haven’t got a chaise) appeals to me.

I write because I envy those people who have held me captive overnight, for days, weeks, months on end sometimes, in the world they created. I envy their ability to keep me there without chains and shackles but captive all the same.

I write because too much needs to be said, and some of this stuff is good so I better write it down.

I write because when I don’t I feel lost, isolated in a world full of people oblivious to the world around them.

I write to make sense of this 108 sq mile rock and the daily nonsense that passes for everyday life here.

I write to vent my frustration, scream my fears, paint my vision, share hopes, connect to the Source, open my third eye and keep from turning a blind one to the things I feel I can’t control.

I write because when I do, in those moments when my brain, eyes and hand become one time becomes an abstract concept, a thing easily discarded as unscientific.

I write because my spirit smiles and sighs as it hovers, taking in the sight of me giving in to and letting go with inspiration.

I write because when I do I feel the Creator of all things seen and unseen whispering “now you remember why I sent you”.


© 2015




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